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Rhianon (Shezza)
Sup Guys! My name is Rhianon (also called 'Shezza') and I'm a Van Helsing Fangirl and a Sherlockian by heart:)

I am all about Van Helsing, as you have most likely learnt already and totally, awesomely into Sherlock:D!
I enjoy playing Five Nights at Freddy's and Battlefield with my friends. I'm into pop-culture and have a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Jackman and the Nostalgia Critic.

While, on the internet, I like to be as anonymous as possible (because my parents would kill me- I'm not allowed to be on deviantart), so you won't find my on twitter and facebook and you won't find a picture of me.

I live in the same place where Keith Urban was raised.

I have a Fanfiction account on (Shadow Van Helsing) and a Youtube account with one video on it (Shadow Van Helsing).

I'm known for my wicked sense of humour and the tendency to become slightly insane and am often completely random.

I support Equality for EVERYONE!!

So, yeah, enjoy my art:D
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Chapter 1: Gideon
Gideon plus the Doctor by ShadowVanHelsing

“Mom, dad, it’s time we had a talk,” Gideon Summerville announced as he walked in the dining room for breakfast one morning.
His father, Joseph Summerville put down the newspaper he was reading and frowned at his son. His mother, Sarah Summerville, glanced up from the bacon she was cooking to frown at her son as well.
Gideon, watching their reactions felt his heart start to beat faster. He almost gave up right there and then. He wanted to retreat back to his room and go back to whatever invention he was working on and pretend he and his best friend, Isaak, haven’t spent the last two months discussing this. But he couldn’t. He had to tell his parents right here, right now.
“Well son, spit it out,” Mr Summerville said and Gideon realised he’d been staring.
“Um, well, as we all know, I am turning sixteen soon… and I…”
“My son… sixteen years old…” Mrs Summerville said dreamily.
“Yes, well, me and Isaak have been talking about some things.”
“What things?” his dad asked sharply.
“I was wondering since I am old enough, if I could possibly… um… move in with Isaak?”
There, he had said it. There was no going back from here.
Both his parents gaped at him.
“Absolutely not!” his dad said.
“You not even sixteen yet, Gideon. It’s out of the question,” Gideon’s dad said.
“Gideon, what if something happens to you? We won’t be around to bail you out,” Mrs Summerville said.
“Mom, honestly, what could possibly happen to me?” Gideon asked. He thought he saw his mom flinch a little.
“What about your disability?” Mr Summerville asked.
“ADHD is hardly to most drastic of disabilities. I’ll get on fine.”
“But… Gideon. I understand you want to become independent but the world is dangerous. There are things you don’t know about, things that could hurt you. I don’t know what we would do if something ever happened to you,” Mrs Summerville said, almost fearfully. Mr Summerville folded up his newspaper and took one last sip of his orange juice.
“I have to go to work. We’ll talk about this tonight,” he gave Gideon a look of steel. “Don’t do anything stupid in the meantime. Honey, the bacon is burning is burning by the way.”
Mrs Summerville shrieked.

Gideon walked along the footpath, ACDC roaring out of his headphones. The sky over London was grey, threatening rain, but Gideon didn’t care. He had a lot to think about.
His parents were weird, eve he could see that. They had always been over protective of him- never giving him much independence in case something bad happened to him.
When he was 12, Gideon had suffered a car accident and had lost his memory. There was a blank spot in his head where his childhood memories should be. His earliest memories was waking up in hospital.
Ever since then, he had been home-schooled by his parents. Isaak and Isaak’s cousin, Mickey Smith, were the only people he knew outside of his family.
Apart from playing the electric guitar in Isaak’s garage band and having an obsession with ACDC, there wasn’t much to Gideon’s life.
He felt like there was something more he could be doing with his life. There was something more out there for him.
But with his parents, he feared he would never get the chance to go out and find it out.
Gideon neared Mickey’s apartment.
It was Mickey’s birthday and he had invited Gideon over, much to his delight. Anything to escape his parents.  
He knocked on the door and Isaak answered.
“Gideon! Glad you could make it!” Isaak greeted. Isaak wasn’t the brightest crayon in the Crayola box but he was real good on the drums.
“Glad I could come,” Gideon replied. Isaak steered him to the lounge room where Mickey and his girlfriend, Rose Tyler, were seated.
“Who’s this?” Rose asked Isaak.
“This is my friend, Gideon,” Isaak smirked at Rose.
“Oh. Hi Gideon,” Rose said.
“Right, so I guess we are all here then. Unless the Doctor is coming?” Mickey pronounced Doctor like it was something distasteful.
“Nah, he had some stuff to do,” Rose replied.
“Who’s the Doctor?” Gideon asked out of curiosity.
“My travelling companion,” Rose said. Gideon didn’t know a lot about Rose Tyler aside from the fact that Mickey complained that she travelled a lot. Apparently that was causing a rift in their relationship.
“Gideon are you listening to me?” Isaak said.
“Hmm, what?”
“I was asking you about how your conversation with your parents went.”
“Oh. Not too well,” he said. Isaak rolled his eyes.
“Typical- your parents are way, way over-protective. Dude, you’re turning sixteen- you don’t have to do what they say.”
“Yes, but, I don’t want to upset them. I don’t even have a job yet.”
“Your parents won’t let you get a job,” Isaak pointed out and Gideon sighed.
“Your parents sound really strict,” Rose said. Gideon didn’t even realise she was listening to him and Isaak talk.
“A little bit, I guess. But they are only trying to protect me,” Gideon replied.
“Protect you from what?” Rose asked. Before Gideon could answer, there was a knock on the door.
Isaak went to answer.
“I betcha that’s the bloody Doctor…” Mickey groaned.
“What’s so bad about the Doctor?” Gideon asked as a rather tall man wearing a suit and hair that defied gravity walked into Mickey’s living room.
“Doctor!” Rose greeted, smiling.
“Hello Ricky!” the man said, giving him a sly grin.
“You weren’t invited, Doctor, and it’s Mickey,” Mickey said.
“Aw, well, I Rose told me you were turning twenty-one, and I couldn’t stopping by to say ‘hi’,” the Doctor said, still grinning. Gideon watched the Doctor with interest. The Doctor seemed to notice Gideon and Isaak for the first time.
“Hello, and who might you two be?”
“This is my young cousin, Isaak and his friend, Gideon Summerville,” Mickey sighed.
“Hello Isaak,” the Doctor said, shaking Isaak’s hand. He turned to Gideon and that was when the whispering began.
At first it was barely audible in Gideon’s head, but the whispers grew louder… and louder…and louder until they were shouting in Gideon’s head.
“What is that?!” Gideon shouted, covering his ears. The whispers continued.
“Gideon, are you all right?” The Doctor asked, sly smile gone from his face.
“Can’t you hear them? The whispers… they are so loud!”
“I can’t hear anything,” the Doctor said seriously.
“Are you kidding me?!”
“Gideon, I can’t hear anything. I think it is all in your head. You need to calm down,” the Doctor said.
All of a sudden, the whispers stopped. Silence echoed through Gideon’s head.
“Are you alright?” the Doctor asked cautiously.
“Yes, I think so.”
“What where they saying, the whispers?” the Doctor asked.
“I… I can’t remember. They were calling my name, over and over again, and something about… about…time”
Gideon scrunched up his face, but it was like trying to remember a dream as it slithered slowly away.
“I can’t remember.”
The Doctor raised an eyebrow.
“Are you OK?” Isaak asked.
“Yes, no, I don’t know. I think I had better go home,” Gideon said, feeling slightly dizzy.
“I think you had better,” the Doctor said. For the first time, Gideon gazed into the Doctor’s eyes. His face was young, but his eyes were old. They told stories of experience and worlds beyond. His eyes… so strange, and yet somewhat familiar. And in the Doctor’s eyes, Gideon saw that the Doctor too, was gazing at Gideon like he felt they should know each other. Their fate was tied together. Something was going to happen, Gideon knew it and the Doctor knew it. Something was going to change.
But for the better or for the worse, neither knew. 

The Last of the Time Lords (Chapter 1)
The Doctor always assumed he was the last of the Time Lords. Until he met a boy named Gideon Summerville...Gideon thought the weirdest thing in his life were his overprotective parents. But things are about to get a whole lot stranger when he meets the Doctor. They soon discover Time Lords may not all be gone... (tenth doctor)

How Big?  by ShadowVanHelsing
How Big?
Ignore my immaturity. You can take this meme\joke two ways...

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